The YnD campaign has travelled places! Metaphorically and literally! A map of India highlights the places and colleges YnD campaign has reached so far -- from Rajasthan, Karnataka, and Chhattisgarh to Assam, via Delhi and Haryana. The map envisions the physical journey of the campaign and the wisdom the campaign has collected...Read More

"Journey For Change", penned by Praatibh Mishra, calls upon all of us to recognise the work women do, and to respect them in the workplace, especially in the unorganised sector. Dialogue is the keystone to change, to listen to each other and support each other....Read More

Keeping India’s cities clean cannot merely be the responsibility of municipalities. It is critical that all residents of a city engage in this endeavour. Urban poor youth in Ajmer, Jhansi and Muzaffarpur show the way in leading the charge to ensure sanitation services in their communities.... Read More

Workers in Faridabad's crushers who suffer from silicosis are grateful for the government's policy that provides them compensation. The women of Lal Kuan, who have lost their husbands to silicosis, tell their story -- of a life lived and lost in the name of development. Development at what cost? asks Loreen Regnander... Read More

Nilanjana Bhattacharjee from PRIA was invited to speak at the second Annual Meeting of Global Platform for Sustainable Cities through the vision of a young development practitioner. She presented her vision of a sustainable city as a slam poetry piece.... Read More

Any development work needs land. Unfortunately land resources are scare, resulting in conflicts, and most development works are stalled because land cannot be made available on time. How can government ensure that land becomes available, without conflict?... Read More

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  • Apna Swasthya, Apni Pehel: Reforming Local Health Governance in Rajasthan
  • Swasth Gaon, Surakshit Jeevan (Healthy Villages Save Lives)
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